Wisterium de Beerlegem, said like this, sounds like a magic spell.
And this magic led to a walk through a private collection of a hundred wisterias in Belgium.
Thanks to the Belgian Dendrology Society, we were able to take part in a private walk.
Surrounded by enthusiastic botanists, we discovered around a hundred wisteria plants.

Wisterium de Beerlegem

The Wisterium is located in Beerlegem, maintained by Count and Countess Hubert d’Ursel.

Very warm and friendly, Mr. le Comte and Mme la Comtesse guided us through their property in French.
We give authentic details of the property, their choice of management and the design of the estate.
We quickly understand that they are very involved with heritage.
Madame is particularly interested in botany.

Mr Marc Libert of the Ghent Botanic Garden then took over.
He plunged the whole group into the technical bath of a passionate botanist.
Looking after the wisterium, he told us all about the past, current and future projects.

And last but not least, we enjoyed a very pleasant reception, with products from the estate and home cooking.

Our wisteria discoveries at the wisterium

Just to clarify, in case you didn’t know, wisterium is the name used to designate the location of many wisteria.
And Wisteria is the Latin name for Glycine, which is the common name.

Finally, for those of us in the trade, Mr Libert taught us a great deal about the specific information on wisteria:
– How to better identify varieties.
– Planting possibilities in Belgium
– Assembly and maintenance techniques, etc.

Thanks to wisterium, we’ve discovered some impressive varieties, some gentle, some discreet, some authentic, …
It was a fascinating show.

A few new wisterium varieties

From the outset, we were kindly asked not to transmit photos of their property on the Internet, which we respect here.
However, here are a few photos of the wisteria we came across, which we hope will help you enjoy our walk.

And now

As Hubert Reeves says: “identification is consolidated, the plant becomes like an old acquaintance”.
We’ve added some new friends to our circle, and we’ll be delighted to meet them and recognize them.

We came away with a whole new set of concepts and ideas for the wisteria we encounter.

Take the opportunity to visit

To visit Beerlegem’s Wisterium, you need to be part of a group that books a tour with the owners.
One of these is BDB, Belgische Dendrologie Belge.
The Dendrology Society comprises members interested in the management and knowledge of trees and shrubs.
Their activities are often focused on technical and scientific aspects.

As members, we can only recommend it to anyone interested in plants.

What can Plaisir Vert do for you?

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Wisteria is an excellent option for creating a soft, delicate ambience.

At Plaisir Vert, our team is passionate about plants and plant care.
We’re proud to be able to offer you tips and tricks for integrating wisteria into your garden.

Our visit to the Wisterium in Beerlegem enabled us to learn new techniques for planting, maintaining and assembling different varieties of wisteria.
We offer a full range of gardening services, from design and installation to regular maintenance, and we’ve always had a soft spot for climbing plants.

Working with Plaisir Vert, you can be sure that your garden will be beautiful and easy to maintain. We are passionate about our work and love to share our knowledge of plants with our customers.

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