Do you know about foundation screws?

Foundation bolts are huge screws that are installed in the ground to create foundations for structures, including terraces.

Currently, there are very few manufacturers of garden design concepts. PLAISIR VERT uses the Weasyfix brand.

Absolutely suited to urban gardens for ease of logistics as well as the constraints and needs of city dwellers.
Our team has adopted them and offers them almost systematically for terrace applications.

As with all techniques, there are advantages and disadvantages, which we will discuss in this article.


Laying speed

This saves time when laying the foundations.

For a conventional installation, which could take 1 day (without a drying day), this is done in half a day.
However, don’t be fooled by the manufacturer’s video, which claims that the problem is solved in 20 minutes, which is not at all the case.
Each installation has its own conditions, and the conditions described in the video are very rare.

Simplified logistics

Ordering parts, stocking them, bringing them in and passing through the homes is very simple.
The materials are clean (no concrete micro-dust whirling around in your lungs) and the worksite is healthy for everyone.


Weasyfix is an excellent supplier, offering stable products that meet market demands.
The result is that, depending on customer requirements and needs in the field, there’s a good chance that products will exist.
Whether it’s the materials chosen, the desired height, the style, …


The screws are made of galvanized steel and, if assembled correctly, are much stronger than a concrete installation.
But at the same time, if one day the construction has to be removed, the impact is really minimal and easy to carry out.

Easy installation

The operation can be repeated at various stages, but is not fixed.
If there’s an error, it’s easy to correct.

Ecological impact

Screws leave the soil permeable beneath the terrace, so life isn’t cut off by a layer of concrete, and your floor remains healthy and solid.
If necessary, removal of the installation is non-destructive for the site.




You need the right tools and a certain hand for the job.
Otherwise, you risk damaging the screws during installation or weakening the entire assembly.


As the screws are made of galvanized steel, the cost of metal is reflected in the calculation, not to mention the cost of innovation.
Compared with a conventional installation, the price of the entire system is an important factor to consider.

How does it work?

Beforehand, you need to mark the screw locations on your property.
So, depending on your project, you can have a plan or create drawings on the ground, respecting the distances required for your project.
Here, the calculation is the same as if you were using concrete foundation tubes.

Using a pneumatic screwdriver with a suitable head, the foundation screws are screwed into the ground in the same way as a screw is screwed into a board.
(A large electric screwdriver also works)

After installation, check that all screws have been fitted correctly.
If not, unscrew and correct.

Finally, install the joists and rafters on top.
The manufacturer’s connectors can be used to make mm adjustments.
No more tinkering with levelling when foundations are uneven, just fine, solid adjustments.


And it’s over?

As far as the foundations are concerned, yes, but the rest naturally depends on the project. Wooden terraces with self-supporting slabs are also possible, as are terraces for Jacuzzis and swimming pools. As well as other projects such as carports, pontoons, greenhouses, etc.

Focus on quality foundations

With the right know-how, the installation of a classic foundation is indeed sustainable.

However, the disadvantages of conventional techniques are overcome with this technique:

– impervious floor ( /!\ to impervious floor installation area legislation)
– micro-dust in concrete during placement
– important know-how -> completion time
– drying time
– virtually permanent installation

What can PLAISIR VERT do for you?

As we are always thinking about projects, we propose sustainable and aesthetic techniques.
PLAISIR VERT is convinced of this technique for laying foundations.

The main reasons are :

. leaves the soil permeable and healthy
. solid, reversible installation
. any removal is non-destructive to the terrain
. the installation is safe for employees

When you call on us, you also get a company that’s used to the product and has a track record of creating terraces in urban environments.



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Here are a few photos of a wooden deck built on uneven, sloping ground.
The garden is located at the top of a low retaining wall, with access via the apartment.