A cluster of overgrown rhododendrons needs to be reshaped to contain it.

The gentleman wanted easier access to his mailbox, and a more-than-invasive decorative scheme.
Despite everything, the rhododendron cluster is old and it was absolutely essential that, despite the cuts, it should survive and bloom again in the years to come.

A complicated job that we suggest you avoid without first studying the plant.
It is very dangerous to carry out this kind of operation, as there is a risk of killing the plant.

It took the two cutting experts more than half a day to prune 2 stumps.
The cuts were made manually, one by one.
A great deal of thought was given to this before any action was taken.

After cutting, the ground and surrounding branches were cleaned.
After such a shock, the plant was given food to help it recover.

The aim was to recreate an 80 – 100 cm flower bed.
While keeping an eye on him in the years to come.

So, over the next 5 years, the cluster will once again be able to be admired from a good height and decorate the front of the property.


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