Stability is a balance

It’s sometimes tempting to want to make the most of your property, especially in fine weather. However, it’s not always easy to fit it out… But there are quick and easy ways to make your desires come true!

The terrace on a plot is one of them. We’re going to take a look at a project we’ve already completed and show you how this technique works.

The project was to build a terrace on a small plot of land, with a small difference in level. Terraces on blocks have been chosen for several reasons: they can be easily adapted to all types of obstacles, and can be laid quickly if the ground is sufficiently stable.

The advantages and disadvantages of a terrace on a plot of land are listed below.

It can be seen, however, that a terrace on a block can be used flexibly, adapting easily to different challenges: differences in level (± 5% max), obstacles (in this case a staircase)…

Nevertheless, you need to know how to determine the right number of studs and their installation stability.

For our project, we used Buzon brand studs. We’re one of the leading suppliers of landscaping blocks, renowned for the quality and durability of our products, because we need the best for our customers! It’s also for this reason that the wood chosen is a robust, durable FSC-labeled wood: ipe wood.

Advantages and disadvantages


This type of terrace offers a number of advantages:

For installation :

> Terraces on blocks can be installed whatever the season

> No need to level the ground

> No need for heavy, expensive equipment such as a concrete mixer…

> Easy terrace customization (e.g. creation of an access ramp)

> This makes it much easier to lay ancillary fittings for the exterior: pipes, electrical cables…

For the user :

> Since the decking wood is not in permanent contact with the ground, it has a longer lifespan.

> Decking on blocks is easy to maintain and repair: changing a block or a wooden plank has never been so quick and easy!





As with any layout, it has its limits:

> For installation, you need to know the stability of your floor, so it’s best to call in the professionals.

> The starting price for a terrace on a block is equivalent to that for other types of terrace (depending on the raw materials chosen).

> Real know-how is needed for the pause

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