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Lun-Ven: 09h00 - 18:00

visit and estimation

  The visit begin from 6 PM
To an appointement in a other time, please ask it.
  Take an appointement
  On the beginning, you will receive a document with the terms of the visit.
  An estimation will be done and send as soon is possible
  With your agree and when we receive the advance payement, the day is block in our agenda.

  In need with a big project, a rought will be automatically send.

Visite and estimation
Visit < 10 km from Jette Free
Visit > 10 km from Jette 1 €/km
Estimation < 4000 € Free
Estimation > 4000 € from 50 € by section if the work is rejected
Rought draw from 50€ by section



to 180€

half day (± 4h)
to 720€

complete day (± 7h)
to 1260€

220€ / hour



  This tarification is not contractual, it is displayed for your information.
Please contact us to receive a contractual estimate based by a personnal offers during the visit.

  The maintenance can be an unique performance or by subscription.
But before all, if the property don't received care during more than 6 month ago, an offers to a first fresh maintenance will be send.

Receive your personnal offers
Contact us to discuss of your project