Training pruning

A cluster of overgrown rhododendrons needs to be reshaped to contain it.
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Devitalizing a stump

Sometimes it is necessary to devitalize a stump. Discover the different natural and chemical techniques.

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[Technique] Fixing climbing plants

Climbing plants sound nice, but in fact, you have to be careful about the support.
Because often, over time, they become so loose and heavy that a “simple” fastening breaks and the plant finds itself slumped to the ground.
Recovering from this situation becomes complicated and laborious, not to mention the fact that some plants may have fallen badly, broken or been injured…
or … break whatever was underneath…

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grimpante en façade

Tuto: Installing a climber on the street frontage

Installing a climber on a facade is back in force!
One of the easiest ways to boost urban greening is to install a climbing plant on a facade.

Here’s one of the techniques you can use to do it yourself.

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