[Technique] Vertical pruning

Depending on the size of the façade climber, the job can be anything from simple to perilous.
In the latter case, it is legally obligatory for the gardener to hire an additional cherry picker or erect mobile scaffolding to ensure safety, which adds to the cost of the service.
What’s more, it may be physically impossible to place a gondola on the site.

Belgian legislation stipulates that for any work at height (higher than a step), the handler must use individual and/or collective protective equipment, depending on the nature of the site. From a height of 5 meters, the site is considered a “serious danger” for both the handler and his immediate environment (teammate, site, people passing by, etc.).

Unfortunately for the “domestic budget”, the cost of collective safety (gondola) is far too high, and there’s a risk of aggravating the situation by reducing the number of maintenance visits or finding gardeners who don’t want this safety legislation.
If you want to save money, there’s a real risk that insurance companies will back out in the event of a serious or minor accident, as well as a breach of the labour code that’s subject to judgment.
With more and more requests for this type of work, Plaisir Vert wasted no time in finding a solution that would satisfy everyone.

We have studied the question at length:
“how to offer a legally secure service without blowing the budget?”

An idea was born: inspired by work at height, the safety of pruning with a ladder, and the practice of climbing.

From now on (wherever possible), we offer a safety placement system prior to any intervention.
Discreet and permanent, the following prunings will simply be legally secured ladder pruning services.

P32-P33-COEUR-GOUJON_LowResFor pruning at heights of over 2 metres, we place moorings (+/- 6cm) in your facade at regular, strategic intervals.
Placement is discreet, and these moorings are only used to secure the gardener with ropes while he climbs his ladder to prune at height.


Admittedly, placement requires a budget in addition to the first size service, but it’s still very affordable compared with the rental of a gondola, which can be rented twice a year (up to 2x cheaper than a single rental).
What’s more, the area of work accepted has been increased, since thanks to this technique, safety is possible right up to the limit of the ladder (max.10M) and the width of your facade.

Please note that this must be a maintenance pruning service for temporary work at height (work requiring less than a day), for which the cherry picker can be replaced by a ladder and not pruning!

And a gift: here’s a technique for containing ( /! not maintaining) ivy and Virginia creeper (other climbers are apparently unaffected).

An idea straight out of Plaisir Vert ‘s imagination for its customers.

Reminder of conditions:

  1. The site must have max. 10m from the ground
  2. The site is vertical
  3. Ladder access to the site

For information and questions, please contact us!

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