Quality first

Quality ? Primordial !

Quality is an important point because best reasons stick all togheter.
PLAISIR VERT pays attention to every aspect of its services.
Innovation and test are our priority.

Try the difference

By :

Tools and machines
Regulary used and kept in perfect condition to save time for great results.
Security equipment and workteam
Ensure a stable, trustable and securing team knowing your property well.
Plants, materials and products
Brought in your property, you will keep them and live with them after we are gone.
It's absolutly important that they are healty, safe, secure and that you love them
Insurances are in ordre, we are assured of any damage for your house, your garden, your tree.
Clear administration followed and transparent, to make things easier.


Yours avantages

Optimal results
 Your home, your rules : efficient, ecological, original, ...
 Professional team
respected place


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