Have you heard of green pruning?

Discover the benefits of summer tree pruning.
And how to get help maintaining your tree.

Trees grow naturally, without human intervention.
They adopt their natural shape according to their environment.

However, in urban areas, trees can be planted in limited spaces.
Regular pruning is necessary to maintain their shape.
And avoid damage to buildings, power lines or roads.

But thoughtless pruning can be useless or even harmful.
Especially if the trees grow in a healthy, natural way.

In this case, felling can unbalance the tree and disrupt the natural ecosystem.


Why prune?

The three main reasons to prune your trees are :

  • Remove dead or broken branches

  • Control tree shape by thinning dense areas

  • Encourage new growth and open the tree’s crown to let in sunlight

Pruning can be carried out all year round.

Why prune in summer?

There are three reasons why you should consider pruning your trees in summer:

  • Active growth :

    During the active summer growing season, trees actively produce new leaves, branches and roots.
    Cutting back certain branches during this period can encourage the tree’s growth and regeneration.

  • Better healing:

    Trees heal better in summer.
    Higher temperatures and air humidity can help heal wounds caused by cutting branches.

  • Increased visibility :

    In summer, the leaves are fully developed.
    This allows arborists to better assess the tree’s structure and see which branches need to be removed.
    It also helps to visualize the impact of pruning on the shape and appearance of the tree.

In short, green pruning is a technique that involves trimming branches during the tree’s active growth period, usually in summer.
This technique is particularly useful for trees in urban areas where space is limited.

We can’t say it often enough:
It’s essential to understand that pruning must be carried out sensibly to avoid damage to trees and the environment.

If the tree is growing healthily and naturally, pruning may be unnecessary and even harmful.
If pruning is necessary, we recommend calling in a qualified professional to carry out the job properly.

Using the right pruning techniques:
. you can remove damaged or diseased parts
. improve tree shape by thinning dense areas
. and encourage new growth.

This allows the tree to maintain a healthy, aesthetic shape, while stimulating growth and maintaining health.

It’s also important to remember that pruning is a practice that must be carried out with caution and moderation.
Excessive cutting can cause irreparable damage to the tree.
Inadequate trimming can be detrimental to health and growth.
It is therefore advisable to call in a qualified professional to carry out the pruning.
Especially if the tree is large, or if there are power lines or buildings nearby.


What can PLAISIR VERT do for you?

To prune your trees or for any other tree care needs, Plaisir vert can help.

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