Convinced that an employee is professionally satisfied when :

  • their opinion is listened to
  • the different aspects of his daily life are considered
  • positive management is maintained
  • the professional framework in which he or she evolves is thought out in collaboration
  • the feeling of belonging is maintained
  • their salary is respected at its fair value
  • their tasks are defined and respected

Because a person who enjoys his daily work life will give his best.

But because it is naive to believe that a person will be motivated and involved of his own free will in an unpleasant environment and daily routine.
And so that our services meet the expectations positively and excel in the green sector.

Plaisir Vert invests in its team by offering :

  • a personalized salary and status development
  • material and legal security
  • supervised discussions
  • recognised training courses
  • coaching in personal/professional development
  • sessions with team building projects
  • defined and dedicated services

In concrete terms, this means :

  • all wages are declared
  • several insurances are put in place
  • meetings are held weekly
  • machines and tools are regularly serviced
  • the quality of tools and equipment is supported
  • paid training courses help to develop