Do you have a climber and are wondering how to prune it?

In the city, it’s not always easy to know which technique to choose to maintain a climber.
Here’s how we choose the right nacelle for your climber.

Here, it will be specifically for the rental of the gondola.
Even if you’re specialized in vertical gardens, buying the different models required for each job is a budget that’s rarely affordable.

Why spend on a cherry picker?

You’re sure to find someone who’s willing to take a risk and do a job to scale.


Even if the idea seems appealing at first glance, especially from an economic point of view during negotiations, it’s a tricky calculation to make.

Quite simply because it’s against the law to have a workstation more than 4m away.
In Belgium, only certain workstations at height with very specific criteria are tolerated.

In other words, if there is an accident during the operation, neither the worker nor the owner will be covered by insurance.
You can also count on the comfort of working, the speed of execution and reduced safety.
Is it worth the risk?


Do I need training to operate a cherry picker?

Legally, training is required to operate a cherry picker.
And we’d even go so far as to say that it’s quite reassuring to understand the handling techniques involved in using the machines.
PLAISIR VERT trains its employees to work safely.

However, if you want to use a cherry picker sporadically, some suppliers offer accelerated training limited to your chosen model.

If you’re a professional, we understand that the easy way is always to dispense with this kind of training.
However, training courses are accessible and can be tailored to your needs, so it’s a shame to miss out.

What’s the budget?

Renting a cherry picker naturally involves pricing from the supplier.

But in addition to this, there are a number of other criteria to consider:

Supplementary insurance

Some machine rental companies can offer you additional insurance cover for the use of your machine.
Before taking it out, check your insurance coverage (business for professionals, family for private individuals).


Basic equipment can be rented at the same time as the gondola, if you don’t already have it.

So consider :
. fall arrest harnesses
. a helmet for working at height (with visor if necessary)
. a safety vest
. ear muffs


It is likely that you will have to pay a rental deposit.
This depends on the agreements you reach with the rental supplier.


Except for truck-mounted cherry pickers, where you’ll need a driver to pick up and drop off the cherry picker, most are delivered on site.
In this case, in addition to the corresponding logistics, you’ll need to pay a supplement for this delivery/pickup.

Parking reservation

All public spaces must be reserved for the commune.
To do this, you’ll need to contact your local authority and check the conditions for using a cherry picker.
Unless used on private land, of course.

In addition, we’ll need to budget for safety signs on the ground for the public (banners, signs, etc.).

Platform model

Below, you’ll find some of the cherry pickers we use.



As you can imagine, the variety of your climber is not the primary criterion for choosing your cherry picker.
The most important thing is to notify the workplace environment.

Here are some necessary questions:

. What is the maximum working height?
. Is there street access with or without an offset?
. Is the floor surface hard or soft?
. Is access open or limited like the width of a door?
. Is the floor passable (supports +2.5 To)?
. Do we need to pay attention to noise pollution?

There are a variety of models in the aerial work platform world, but here are the ones we use as urban gardeners:

motorized gondola model
Model Engine Driving Height offset surface type = door width noise
Electric cherry picker Electric no max. 15m yes plane
+2.5 To
no light
Aerial work platform Electric no max. 15m no plane
+2.5 To
possible light
Truck platform Gasoline B license max. 21m yes driveable no important
Platform on wheels petrol yes + 21m yes various no important
Crawler and spider lift Gasoline no + 21m yes various possible important


Here are 4 tips we’ve learned from experience:


For working comfort, rent the top model

To be sure, please refer to the offset diagram for each model.

Choose a model with automatic levelling adjustment.

Manual models are a real waste of time and energy to make sure everything is up to standard.
This is because the gondolas are blocked for safety reasons if they are not perfectly installed.

On long operations, on loose ground (e.g. gravel), check stability at regular intervals.

Soft ground, by definition, will move under the weight of the gondola and the movements it performs.
When the gap becomes too large, it will lock for safety, and you’ll need to level it before you can move the unit.

Consider the floor space available.

In addition to the space you have to manipulate and work around the device, you also need to calculate the space for the stabilizing wheelbases (especially for the spider model).


Always a team player

Last but not least:

Be at least 2 people working.

For all work at height, in order to comply with safety regulations, you must have :

. a footman
The person who guides the person at height, who serves as a connection to the ground, who manages the machine’s safety and who is the first person to call the emergency services.
His presence, which may seem uninteresting when looking at a construction site, is indispensable in the event of unforeseen circumstances.

. the man of height
The one who takes the risk of height to carry out the required task.

The other people will be there to save time, but are not essential.

What if it really is impossible?

We’re not talking finance here, but technology.

If the environment does not allow the use of a motorized cherry picker at all, but not at all.
Solutions are becoming very limited.

Mobile and manual scaffolding can be installed, up to a maximum height of 7m.

For work over 8m H, the most coherent solution is to install safety systems for rope access.
A solution that can be costly to install, but quickly pays for itself over time.

Due to our track record, PLAISIR VERT set up a safety system to create a scaled workstation.
However, this is reserved only for rare situations.


What can PLAISIR VERT do for you?

When it comes to setting up the site, we take care of everything.
Parking reservations, rentals, logistics, etc.

You can also rest assured that our staff are trained and that our insurance covers work at height.

Experienced in climbing, PLAISIR VERT will suggest the best technique for maintenance.