At Plaisir Vert, we transform your environment into a green oasis with our specialized services in climbing plants.

Our passionate experts take care of every detail, from species selection, planting, to ongoing maintenance.

Our climbing plants bring a touch of natural beauty and biodiversity to your space while respecting ecological balance.

Give your walls a green, vibrant, and charming covering with Plaisir Vert.

Let us take care of the beginning of climbing beauty.
We ensure careful planting and sturdy attachments for robust growth, transforming your bare walls into a vibrant green screen.

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Our expert gardeners are dedicated to the maintenance of your climbing plants, ensuring they remain healthy and lush.
Each climber has its own personality that we take the time to understand and respect.

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When the time comes to let go of a climbing plant, we do so with respect for the plant and the environment.
The balance of your garden is our priority, even in farewells.

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Personalized support and advice
Urban gardening solutions
Environmentally friendly maintenance
Waste reduction and resource optimization
Passionate and skilled gardener
Optimized logistics