Visits and quotes

Visits are generally organised on Saturdays, for private owners, by appointment only.

On Friday only for the representatives of companies and co-ownership management, always by appointment.

  Organise an estimation visit
  An offer is transmitted to you
Your budget corresponds to the offer, you agree for a paying estimate in case of refusal
 The estimate is drawn up and sent as soon as possible
  After agreement and reception of the deposit, the dates are blocked in our agenda and the project is planned according to your convenience

Visits <10 km from Jette 25 €
Visits >10 km from 1 €/km*
Quote 120 €* billed in case of refusal
Consultancy visit 60 €/hour* started
Measuring visit 60 €/hour* started


Gardening – Landscaping – Pruning

Each garden project is discussed between the office team and the team on site in order to guarantee a global service and a real follow-up.

Our teams are made up of passionate and certified people who are constantly improving thanks to continuous training.

Presentation of our teams

Hour started from 250 €*
Half day *2 from 920 €*
Day*2 from 1.840 €*
Imperative/urgent (within 24 hours) 300 € / hour*

The price includes the logistics of the material, departure and arrival at the hangar.


  For any land that has been unmaintained for more than 6 months, a quotation for an initial refresh will be sent before a subscription is offered.  


Julien Paps’ consultancy service

Take advantage of the services of Julien Paps.

Consultant in eco-conscious gardening (naturalist garden, waterless, permaculture, etc.).
And in Arboristry (sanitary report, file assembly, etc.).


More information : Project studies

Landscape plan
Preliminary project
- project sketches
- list of plants
- plant description sheets
- seasonal interest table
90 €/h*
Design service
- surveys sand measurements
- site plan
- measured plan
150 €/h*
Project monitoring
- logistics
- administrative
- communication
10% of final budget / month
Transfer of the digital plan offered
Printed plan A4/A3
add. charge for postage
30 €*
Printed plan A2/A1 from 50 €*
Arborist and garden study
Tree health report 90 €/tree*
Property health report 90 €/hour*
  This pricing is not contractual, it is displayed to get an initial idea of the quality of our services.
In order to have a contractual estimate, it is essential to receive a personalised quote.
The price list includes the preparation time for the work sites.


*prices indicated without VAT