At Plaisir Vert, we provide a premium pruning service that is nature-friendly and compliant with regulations.

Our trained and experienced professionals are dedicated to caring for your trees, ensuring their health and optimizing their aesthetics.

We are here to assist you in managing your green spaces for a healthy and balanced environment.

Entrust your trees to us, we take care of their well-being.

Whether it's winter pruning, where the tree's dormancy facilitates the trimming, or summer pruning to control growth.
Our approach is always respectful of the tree and its environment.
We adapt our interventions to the natural cycles for the well-being of your trees throughout the year.

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We don't just diagnose diseases and potential infestations in your trees.
We take proactive action with targeted care to improve their health and extend their lifespan.

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We act with caution, adhering to safety standards and minimizing the impact on your garden.

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Personalized support and advice
Urban gardening solutions
Environmentally friendly maintenance
Waste reduction and resource optimization
Passionate and skilled gardener
Optimized logistics