PLAISIR VERT offers an innovative service provided by climbing gardeners.

The team is not exclusively made up of passionate gardeners nor of intrepid climbers, its is a perfect combination of both which enables high up gardening work.

Call on a skilled team to tile and maintain your green roof. With many years of experience, PLAISIR VERT is the team you've been looking for!

PLAISIR VERT is fully capable of advising you and bringing you satisfaction regarding the profitability of your installation.

You can opt for this type of service in the case of works on green walls with climbing plants such as ivy and vine, whether it is for maintenance or removal.

Several lifting techniques are available such as scaffolding, abseiling or aerial lift. In the case of difficult access where it is difficult to work with the aforementioned techniques, PLAISIR VERT employs its own stringing technique, ensuring a quick and economical result.


*Trained and certified by PlantDesign
Specialist in green roofs and walls (Dockx, Pairi Daiza, etc)
Certificate recognised by the Walloon Region and MWSV

PLAISIR VERT is a pioneer in the climbing gardening sector and offers:

PLAISIR VERT can analyse of your green installation.
After verification of the roof's resistance and waterproofness, PLAISIR VERT can fit extensive of intensive green roofs, according to your needs.
Opt for a subscription in order for your green roof or wall to receive regular maintenance.
Removal of invasive or potentially dangerous plants.

Consider installing a safety installation for the maintenance of your green roof.

PLAISIR VERT guarantees:

  • knowledge of the regulations concerning high up works
  • certified equipment to carry out high up works
  • expertise in gardening
  • insurance covering high up works
  • gardeners trained to carry out the installation and maintenance of green roofs and walls
  • gardeners trained to use aerial lifts

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