Consultant arborist

PLAISIR VERT offers a consultant arborist service.

Julien is a genuine arborist who fell in love with this sector.
He will provide good care according to the needs of your trees, and according to your desires.
When PLAISIR VERT offers its pruning service, the tree really become its patient.

We are looking forward to meeting your tree!

Free visit of your green areas*

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Prior analysis includes:

  • Identification of the tree
  • Analysis of its adaptability and its interactions with its surrounding environment
  • Health report based on sounds and visual aspect
  • Diagnosis
  • Environmental requirements report
  • Additional requirements defined by the arborist
  • Witness pictures taken during the analysis visit

A follow-up of your case is included in the service, in case the administration needs additional information.  



Sometimes, cutting down a tree is the only solution.
You will then be prompted to make sure that you have a logging concession before contacting us.
The administration in charge may take several months to issue the concession, based on the urgency of the situation.

Our pruning service includes transparency, maintenance and training.

Catching hold of a tree is an art.

In the event of the necessity to remove the stump, whether it is with a mechanical or phytosanitary technique (only high necessety !).

Tree Surgeon Climber

Our tree care service also offers tree surgeon climbing services.
Insured and fully certified*, our team is fortunate to include several reliable climbers and skilled field men.

The tree surgeon service always takes place after a survey of the tree, which guarantees a well thought out and conscientious quote.
Wood waste removal is automatically included in the offer, unless you decide to keep the wood and use it as firewood.

*Trained and certified by M. Carmiaux, ISA certified arborist specialist and member of Grimpday examining board. Certificate recognised by the Walloon Region and MWSV.

Students and members of :

Arborist associations that study arboriculture and collaborate with a view to attaining a well thought out tree management.

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