Garden study

The study includes suggestions of plants and permanent constructions that correspond to:

  • your criteria
  •  your land (sunlight, wind patterns, type of soil, actual plants etc.)
  • your habits / needs
  • your budget
  • our supplier's possibilities

Receive a presentation of your future garden in the form of a sketch showing an overall view of the plants and study - all at a reasonable price.


Garden styles:

  • Naturalist (self-managed)
  • English garden (lawn + mixed-lawn)

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Landscaping involves a profound change of your property.
The importance attached to its implementation should correspond to its quality of expertise.

PLAISIR VERT offers a variety of services in order for your garden to benefit from a unique follow-up.



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Refurbishing, levelling, grass planting, turfgrass, synthetic grass, etc.



Logistics for mature plants, implementation following a planting plan, pit for particular plantation, green roofs, etc.