Study on draft

Simple, fast and economic

A draft is a project drawing made without any real measurements.
It can be based on a drawing by a building architect, which will be with dimensions.
It can be based on photos taken during the estimation visit.
Or any other means that is given for the creation of this sketch which aims, by schematising the outline, to propose a project.

The presentation of the project is essential to better visualise the whole.
However, you don't always need the various plans as well as the tedious and costly techniques.
That is why PLAISIR VERT offers you its draft plan service.
Compared to real garden plans, it is time-saving and economical for you and for us.

When we design the plan, we keep in mind to respect your budget, your style, your colours, etc.
At a glance, you can see the ideas we can bring to you.

A detail to be changed ? Everything needs to be revised ? Send us your impressions, the changes remain simple and economical.

The project is feasible and after your agreement, easily calculable for the detailed, costed and contractual estimate.

It is one of the most appreciated services of PLAISIR VERT and has been able to realize many projects.


Your avantages

 Lower cost
 Complete project
Quick creation
Adapted to your budget