Bounding of the land

Bounding means protecting what you love.

Bounding a plot of land can sometimes be tricky, especially in Brussels and the surrounding area, where standards and legislation can be strict.
But it is the solution to protect your privacy and everything that is dear to you.

In addition to knowledge and involvement in the search for compliance with legislation.
PLAISIR VERT has the technical knowledge to install various materials.


Classical and economical, roller fences are nowadays very diversified.
They are virtually maintenance-free, requiring only a small amount of tightening and checking every 5 years.
We mainly work with Betafence® PRODUCTS

Solides par leur rigidité, les panneaux métalliques sont sécurisants.
Ils ne demandent pas d'entretien, à part la vérification de l'état selon l'environnement.
Nous travaillons essentiellement avec les produits Betafence®

Aesthetic and solid, wooden panels give a very natural and warm impression of your property.
They require a little maintenance : preferably a treatment on the wood every year.
We mainly work with the following brands : Prindal Hout, Bois Paul André, Houtland, ...
All pillars of the Belgian outdoor joinery sector, which guarantees us quality, traceability and speed of delivery.

Created for levelling and to allow nature to settle in order to recreate a natural environment, the gabion technique is increasingly found in ornamental gardens.
They require no maintenance if you accept the installation of fauna and flora; otherwise, an annual treatment of products.
We work with Betafence® PRODUCTS

Hedging is the most natural way to delimit an outdoor area.
A hedge requires maintenance and the regularity depends on its nature (variety of plant).
Naturally, knowledge of planting is required as well as respect for the environment.
It is possible for us to do a maintenance follow-up.

Do you have any other ideas? A low wall? A green wall? We're listening, there's certainly a solution.



Your Benefits

 Technical knowledge
 Quality materials
 Experienced professional team
Fast and efficient result
Respect for the location