Basin and pond

A watering place in your garden :
your place of rest and the beginning of a wildlife

Water is a relaxing and refreshing element in a garden, and it is always pleasant to have a water feature of any size in your property.

However, the creation of a water feature requires a certain technique and know-how in order to obtain an impeccable and durable finish.
Trained by a specialist in the field, PLAISIR VERT will be able to satisfy you in the creation of a water feature as well as its maintenance.

Whether it's a small pond near your terrace or a large natural pond that is the centrepiece of your property.
Whether it is a pond where you want to place aquatic fauna and flora or where you want to integrate a purification filter system.
Whether it is an ornamental, natural or moving water feature.
Whether it is a natural swimming pool.

We offer you a perfect finish, done according to the rules of the trade.
Coupled with our habit of small plots and restricted access, we offer you an original service.
Always studied and integrated into the style of your space.

Leave it to us !

They are available in a variety of materials, the most common being plastic and ideally constructed with different levels to accommodate different aquatic plants.
Pre-formed ponds are also available in polyester, HDPE and bentonite.

This technique makes it possible to obtain customised ponds, ideal in many situations from ø 2m.
We mainly use the Distripond brand.

In order to offer you a complete service, the installation of pumps, filters and aquatic plants is part of our services.


Benefits of this service

 Knowledge of the techniques
Trained and certified by a great teacher - specialist in the sector - Mr Maranzan
 Use of the best materials
 Customised finishing
Adapted machines, tools and materials