Get some height from your terrace

In the city, it’s quite common to have a high terrace. Make this space light and green to escape to urban weight is possible thanks to the green terrace.

Hanging gardens have been around for a long time, as green roofs have a long history. According to archaeologists, the hanging gardens (one of the Seven Wonders of the World) existed on the temples and palaces of the ancient city of Ur some 2,600 years ago!

Fortunately today, you don’t need a palace to enjoy your terrace… But what about the advantages and disadvantages? Current legislation? Let’s take a look at a project we’ve been working on.

The terrace project

Roof terrace after renovation Roof terrace before renovation The project involves the conversion of a garden on the second floor of a building.

Our customer’s request was to make a vegetated terrace more open, requiring less maintenance and a larger terrace.

This project took a good week of elbow grease. But this kind of project is a trademark of green pleasure, which knows how to combine the useful with the pleasurable with simplicity.

Decking techniques and materials


The addition of a terrace to this space required the levelling of a low wall made of reinforced concrete. The use of a diamond saw is therefore required, and generates some rubble. But as you can see, the terrace blends in with both the vegetation and the concrete. This is possible thanks to ipe wood, which is highly preservative and durable over time. It’s all the more comfortable because it’s FSC-certified.

Diamond saw cutting reinforced concrete wall Step to the wooden deck after levelling the reinforced concrete wall Basic framework for wood decking Decking in ipe wood



Paving during construction

Paving over part of the terrace allows you to take a stroll and enjoy the terrace’s greenery to the full.

Final paving of the roof terrace

The white of the tiles contrasts with the green of the garden and the brown of the ipe wood, bringing an even lighter atmosphere to the roof terrace. This color also prevents heat build-up (which is harmful to the plants surrounding the path) on sunny summer days.

These 6 cm-thick concrete slabs also provide a good footing for a comfortable ride, even after a rain, which is very practical in Belgium 😉

Color and material provide a good base for a comfortable stroll, while adapting to the different weather challenges a terrace can face.


Start work and add potting soil


Plant logistics during planting


Wise plant placement

The soil is replenished with potting soil, and the choice of plants is based on maintenance and color variability: a mix of grasses and perennials.

The shrubs are original, because it’s important to maintain verticality to break away from the view and feel like you’re in a real green cocoon in your hanging garden.


Maintenance of the terrace requires only 3 passes per year, and watering is automatic, programmed every 3 days through a microporous hose installed in the ground.


Corten steel fountain at the end of construction

For a lighter, more invigorating atmosphere, a fountain has been installed: a real treat for the birds in fine weather!

It’s made from corten steel, which provides corrosion resistance in harmony with the ipe wood.

Its system operates in a closed circuit, with a water supply and a pump. It may be possible to automate this, but that’s not the case here. It is also cut in winter to avoid any risk of frost damage…

To take the terrace out of the urban atmosphere, the lapping of the water creates a sound sensation. The fountain provides a reminder of color as well as sound, making you feel a little more cocooned.


Green dumpsters and chutes


The logistics involved in this project were quite substantial. With the rubble, gravel and old planting… You have to master the process, but we’re used to it!

Plaisir vert often works on sites requiring excellent logistics. This takes all the organization out of the customer’s hands: reserving a parking space for the skip, knowing the suppliers for the skip, the site chutes, etc.

The addition of new materials, such as wood decking, fountains and plants, concrete slabs… All this requires a great deal of organization and coordination, which can be tedious if you’re not used to it. Fortunately, at Green Pleasure, we’re used to this kind of challenge!


Advantages and disadvantages of terraces


With global warming and urban heat islands, summers can become unbearable. Green roofs are a simple, sustainable and attractive solution for many reasons:

> The extra layer added to the roof, evapotranspiration and shade from the plants provide better thermal insulation for the building. Thermal insulation is also accompanied by soundproofing against the noise of the city. Two benefits in one, for greater peace of mind

> The terrace becomes an island of biodiversity, giving birds, insects and other creatures an elevated spot of greenery…

> Plants can have a seasonal variability of color, making each moment unique yet low-maintenance.


Of course, there are a few disadvantages, including the roof’s resistance to weight.

That’s why it’s best to do your homework beforehand and/or call on the services of a building architect specializing in structural calculations. a building architect specialized in structural calculations.

A garden contractor specialized in garden roofing is also required to select the best materials and layout for a durable and safe system.

Terrace regulations

The development of a roof is subject to planning permission, to ensure that the plan complies with current regulations as well as the impact on the environment and the neighborhood. Before submitting an application for planning permission, it is advisable to visit your local commune to :

> Contact the town planning department to find out whether your project requires a permit with or without an architect.

> Obtain plans of the existing situation from the town planning archives department

Good to know : the Brussels-Capital Region offers to encourage renovation building. As these bonuses are subject to change, please consult the ” Bonus summary ” for the latest updates.

Further information on current legislation and standards can be found by following the links below:

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