Effective team

A sincere commitment

From the very first step of the adventure, our sympathy and professionalism are the best ingredients of our evolution.
These values stem from our will to achieve the best, give our best and to be balanced human being.

Sadly, complete and monitoring services are sometimes overlooked and the bare minimum become the only rule.
But in somes countries, customers-oriented services continued to be applied.
For example, in Asia, customers-oriented services are priority.
Taking them as an example, our services exist to give you smile when you look at your garden.

It's why PLAISIR VERT has so many different services.

The most often and soonest as possible, we try to answer to every request of our customers.
Taking time for a global project to follow it as much as possible, to find solutions and sometimes find innovations is natural to us.

PLAISIR VERT creates, upkeeps and take care of your property.

We are really proud to say these choices brought us the trust of many customers.
This trust is growing over the years and asserts our main advertising : YOU

Each in the team is worthy and we work every day to perpetuate this.
Every day, we attempt to be the best : attentive, offering our expertise, satisfying our customers and be proud of it.

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Your advantages

 Welcoming contact
 A global services
 Good surprise
Punctuality from the start to the end of the job
An optimal result

You receive

A personal offer
Attentive service
A supervised finish
A possibility of following