Profitez de votre espace vert

PLAISIR VERT is a team built around the landscaping and arborist work of Julien Paps and Jovelyn Lecomte. Our aim is to meet the garden needs of conscious city dwellers, from the study of the ground implementation, through planting and maintenance.

Great care, technical knowledge and know-how are our main assets.


Our customers have a living garden.

Individuals, companies or communities.
Their aim is to find a haven of peace.
They know that nature evolves over time.
They trust the people involved in it.
They adapt their garden over the years to the daily life, always in line with their ideal.
The quality of know-how remains one of their priorities.



Conscious and reasoned, our garden creations are ornamental and urban.

They are inspired by different influences, such as naturalist garden, waterless garden, winter garden, edible garden, moving garden, etc.

Respect for the environment, ease of maintenance and adaptation to the new climate are their main features.

The gardeners of Plaisir Vert admire, and constantly study the plant world. We give priority to the arrangement, installation and monitoring of living things in order to keep your green space welcoming over the years.

Our services range from project studies to solid groundworks and garden maintenance, all promoting efficient and sustainable techniques.

We assist you with great pleasure in the transitions to a new management of your traditional garden. Plaisir Vert carries out the finishing touches to each assignment with care.

Examples of works

RHS copalme PreventAgri


The team at MEISE



the Motivated

Specialized in permanent garden installations (wood and stone works)



the Tireless

Specializations : Pruning - Trimming - Wooden terrace * Certified Pruner

The Robust Ones

Sporty and conscientious, Jean-Sébastien appreciates hard work and practical achievements.
Smiling, he is always ready to listen to requests.
Together with Jean, they make up the core team.

Attentive and conscientious, James pays particular attention to all plants. He takes great responsibility for choosing and caring for them.
Above all he is a very passionate person, with a hint of a quiet, English attitude.

He usually works alone or with Julien.



The Conscientious

Specialization : Plantation



The founders

Julien created Plaisir Vert with the aim of offering a plant-centred gardening experience.
Coming from a family of horticulturists, he made his way through the green sector by acquiring the skills of a florist, a gardener, a landscaper and an arborist.

He is currently working part-time on site so that he can devote himself to the field study and gardening consultancy services.




The Passionate

Specialization : . Conscious gardener . Landscaper . Arborist . Climbing plants . Natural garden * Certified pruner * Certified arboriste certifruit



the Pragmatic

Specialization : Business manager * Studies landscape at the RHS

The office

The administration is managed by Simple.



Could you be a complementary member of our team (M/F) ?

  You like working outdoors and value nature
  You continuously want to improve yourself
  You have complementary knowledge and/or skills to the team
 You like to be part of an evolving team
 You are available for work

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