200 Series Mini Stump Grinder from DOSKO

Dosko’s mini stump grinder is one of a kind.
That’s why PLAISIR VERT chose it.
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Devitalizing a stump

Sometimes it is necessary to devitalize a stump. Discover the different natural and chemical techniques.

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Laying a drain

When your garden is regularly flooded by rain, the radical way to get rid of the water for good is to install a drain.

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Ivy removal

Gondola technique for ivy removal

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Self-supporting glycine

Have you ever thought about having a wisteria in your garden?
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structure de terrasse sur plots

Terrace on plot

Stability is a balance

It’s sometimes tempting to want to make the most of your property, especially in fine weather. However, it’s not always easy to fit it out… But there are quick and easy ways to make your desires come true! Read More

Summer tree pruning: maintain your tree’s health

Have you heard of green pruning?

Discover the benefits of summer tree pruning.
And how to get help maintaining your tree.

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