200 Series Mini Stump Grinder from DOSKO

Dosko’s mini stump grinder is one of a kind.
That’s why PLAISIR VERT chose it.
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Drainage in gardens

Does your garden regularly get waterlogged, making it difficult to maintain a pretty lawn?

Install drains to guide all this water to healthier soil.

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[Technique] Fixing climbing plants

Climbing plants sound nice, but in fact, you have to be careful about the support.
Because often, over time, they become so loose and heavy that a “simple” fastening breaks and the plant finds itself slumped to the ground.
Recovering from this situation becomes complicated and laborious, not to mention the fact that some plants may have fallen badly, broken or been injured…
or … break whatever was underneath…

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Training pruning of climbers

The climbing plants on either side of the house had been pruned back to size by a neighbor’s request, which unbalanced them.
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Hang your garden

Get some height from your terrace

In the city, it’s quite common to have a high terrace. Make this space light and green to escape to urban weight is possible thanks to the green terrace.Read More

Wisterium de Beerlegem – Wisteria walk

Wisterium de Beerlegem, said like this, sounds like a magic spell.
And this magic led to a walk through a private collection of a hundred wisterias in Belgium.
Thanks to the Belgian Dendrology Society, we were able to take part in a private walk.
Surrounded by enthusiastic botanists, we discovered around a hundred wisteria plants.

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tablette sur fond de jardin

10 Questions to ask when looking for your gardener

Our friends are always asking us how to find the best gardener for their needs.Read More