Dosko’s mini stump grinder is one of a kind.
That’s why PLAISIR VERT chose it.

Why choose this model of stump grinder?

PLAISIR VERT specializes in stump removal for back gardens and/or gardens with difficult access.
We had to find an alternative to doing everything manually as we were doing it.
This work required a lot of time and complication, which represented a significant financial cost.

Julien has found THE machine!
It’s compact, sturdy, lightweight and efficient.

The 200 Series Mini Stump Grinder from DOSKO.

This allows it to pass through the corridors of your home, even up the stairs if necessary, and work like a big girl.
A little-known marvel of technology from America.
Waste becomes easier to remove and move, and with our “soil & wall” protection service, stump trimming becomes accessible and leaves no trace either in your garden or in your home.


Acquiring it was quite a story.
Because there simply weren’t any stores in Belgium that carried them.
After contacting the Benelux department, they agreed to sell it to us.
Surprised, since they normally supply only to resellers (outside Belgium, apparently) or rental companies.
In fact, this machine can only be found on hire in Belgium, proof of its solidity and efficiency.
To the best of our knowledge, our contact told us that PLAISIR VERT was the first gardening company in Belgium to buy it.

Here’s a quick overview of its work capacity!


common trimmer

Generally speaking, trimmers are of imposing size, requiring simple, easy access for operation.

Until now, we could only offer them under certain conditions, which in the end didn’t correspond to our specialty and handicapped us.


So it’s with great pride that PLAISIR VERT can now offer a fast, efficient service for stump removal in restricted areas.

Stump removal after difficult access? Contact us